The story behind the product

Home-distilled spirits have been made in Finland since the sixteenth century. Clear spirits, "tears", have secretly flowed in the heart of the Finnish wilderness for centuries. Korpimaan Kyynel means "tears of the wild forest" and Korpimaan Kyynel® Viina continues this ancient tradition of distilling, deeply rooted in the Finnish forests. Today the drink is distilled by hand in Sörnäinen in Helsinki, valuing and bringing together the traditions of the past and urban craftsmanship.


What is Korpimaan Kyynel®Viina made from?

It is made from first-class Finnish ingredients. The product uses pure Helsinki water and high-quality rye and barley malt distillates. The ingredients come from producers in the untouched Finnish countryside. The product recipe is based on original traditions and unique ingredients.


IWSC awarded - Unique inside and out

The vodka is distilled and bottled by hand in Helsinki. Its distinctive and unique character is conveyed by the packaging, the label design and carafe-like glass stopper with its individual logo. Its uniqueness is also clear from its flavour. There are no similar Finnish vodka products with as many subtleties on the market at the moment. 

IWSC awards: 2018 silver in vodka-category and 2017 bronze in vodka&tonic-category


Many ways to enjoy

Korpimaan Kyynel® Viina can be enjoyed neat at room temperature, where the soft flavours come into their own.

It also works traditionally chilled, and in cocktails.


Korpimaan Kyynel® Viina is available at Kespro, PM-Juomatukku, Metro-tukku and Heinon Tukku.

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